Sediment cores analytical data

*DATASET-NAME : Sediment cores analytical data in the Adriatic Sea, Otranto Strait and Ionian Sea.

*TIME-PERIOD : 1997 to present

*GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE : Southern Adriatic Sea, Otranto Strait and Northern Ionian Sea

*PROJECT : MASTIII/MTPII/MATER, MAss Transfer and Ecosystem Response

*PARAMETERS : Total and organic carbon, total nitrogen, biogenic silica, and grainsize analyses on sediment samples.

*INSTRUMENTS : Sediment cores collected by means of a Multicorer. Carbon (total and organic) and Nitrogen were analysed by a Fisons NA 2000 elemental analyser. Grain size was determined by a Sedigraph 5000D (Micromeritics).

*SUMMARY : Sediment cores were collected by means of a Multicorer, and sliced into 0.5, 1, 2 cm thick sections.
Total and organic C and total N were determined by dry combustion on a CHNS elemental analyzer (Fisons NA 2000). Subsamples for organic carbon were decarbonated using 1M HCl and dried (Hedges and Stern, 1984).
Biogenic silica was extracted with 0.5 M NaOH solution at 85 C (Muller and Schneider, 1993), dissolved silica was determined spectrophotometrically (Strickland and Parsons; 1972).

Sediment grainsize
Sediment samples are first treated with Hydrogen peroxide in order to eliminate organic coatings. Grain size fraction > 63 mm (sand) is separated by wet If this fraction exceeds 5 %, further sand size class sorting is obtained by gravity settling through a sedimentation tube. The < 63 mm fraction is analysed by a Sedigraph 5000D (Micromeritics). Finest fraction is 0.025 mm diameter. Grain size composition is classified according to Shepard (1954)and referreed as sand, silt and clay percentages.


Department of Oceanology
PO BOX 2011
tel : +39 40 21401

*STORAGE-MEDIUM : Hard disk.

*AVAILABILITY : OGS, Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale, charged as Regional Data Center for the Adriatic/Ionian Basin. Data availability is submitted to the originator permission

*COMPLETED-BY : Stefano Miserocchi and Paola Giordani - IGM (Italy)

*ENTRY-DATE : 1999-10-13

Available Data Set(s) Processing Level
MAI2 AUG97 - Sediment cores analytical data IN VALIDATION

Last update 15/05/2000

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