Phytoplankton data

*DATASET-NAME : Phytoplankton biomass characterization in the water column in the Southern Adriatic Sea, Otranto Strait and Ionian Sea.

*TIME-PERIOD : 1997 to present

*GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE : Southern Adriatic Sea, Otranto Strait and Northern Ionian Sea

*PROJECT : MASTIII/MTPII/MATER, MAss Transfer and Ecosystem Response

*PARAMETERS : Phytoplankton biomass, abundances and species composition, at standard or selected depths in the photic layer of the water column.

*INSTRUMENTS : Samples for phytoplankton analyses were fixed with buffered formaline and counted with a inverted microscope according to Utermohl method.

*SUMMARY : Data were collected within the framework of multidisciplinary studies aimed at investigating the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the Adriatic/Ionian basin.

Discrete water samples where collected at standard or selected-optical depths with Niskin bottles, after CTD profiling, on three main stations (A1, O2, I1).
The samples collected were preserved with a formaline solution and the Phytoplankton counting was performed in the laboratory.


Department of Oceanology
PO BOX 2011
tel : +39 40 21401

*STORAGE-MEDIUM : Hard disk.

*AVAILABILITY : OGS, Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale, charged as Regional Data Center for the Adriatic/Ionian Basin. Data availability is submitted to the originator permission

*COMPLETED-BY : Alfredo Boldrin IBM-(Italy)

*ENTRY-DATE : 1999-10-05

Available Data Set(s) Processing Level
MAI1 MAR 97 - Phytoplankton data IN VALIDATION
MAI2 AUG 97 - Phytoplankton data IN VALIDATION
MAI5 MAR 98 - Phytoplankton data IN VALIDATION

Last update 07/10/1999

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