Dissolved Nutrients and Chlorophyll a

*DATASET-NAME : Hydrology of the water column in Sicily, Sardinia and Tunisia Region.

*TIME-PERIOD : 1997 to present

*GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE : Sicily, Sardinia and Tunisia Region

*PROJECT : MASTIII/MTPII/MATER, MAss Transfer and Ecosystem Response

*PARAMETERS : Dissolved nutrients (NO3, PO4, SiO4), dissolved oxygen and Chl. a in the water column.

*INSTRUMENTS : Dissolved inorganic nutrients (NO3, PO4, SiO4) were measured on board using a continuous flow analysis system (autoanalyser) equipped with Chemlab or Technicon colorimeters; dissolved oxygen was measured on board with a potentiometric titrator (Metrhom).

*SUMMARY : Samples from the water column were collected from Niskin bottles; samples for dissolved nutrients were collected in plastic vials and immediatlely analysed as well as samples for dissolved oxygen which were collected in fixed volume glass bottles
NO3, PO4, SiO4 and dissolved oxygen were analysed in chosen stations and at selected depths on the whole water column.


Department of Oceanology
PO BOX 2011
tel : +39 40 21401

*STORAGE-MEDIUM : Hard disk.

*AVAILABILITY : OGS, Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale, charged as Regional Data Center for the Adriatic/Ionian Basin. Data availability is submitted to the originator permission


*ENTRY-DATE : 1999-10-06

Available Data Sea(s) Processing Level
MA1 SEP96 - Dissolved Nutrients and Chlorophyll a IN VALIDATION
MA2 JAN97 - Dissolved Nutrients IN VALIDATION
MA3 SEP97 - Dissolved Nutrients and Chlorophyll a IN VALIDATION
MA4 APR98 - Dissolved Nutrients and Chlorophyll a IN VALIDATION

Last update 22/01/2001

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