ADCP Eulerian Current Time Series

*DATASET-NAME : Current meter data collected in the Southern Adriatic Sea and in the Otranto Strait during MATER Project

*TIME-PERIOD : 1997 to present

*GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE : Southern Adriatic Sea, Otranto Strait

*PROJECT : MASTIII/MTPII/MATER, MAss Transfer and Ecosystem Response

*PARAMETERS : Horizontal and vertical current component, sea temperature.

*INSTRUMENTS : Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler SC BB ADCP 150 and 300.

*SUMMARY : Current meter data were collected, toghether with CTD data, within the framework of multidisciplinary studies aimed at investigating the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the Adriatic/Ionian basin, paying particular attention to deep water spreading and vertical convection events.

Original data were inspected to eliminate spikes. Subsequently, the time series of East, North and Vertical components have been reconstructed by means of autoregressive (AR) models. The archived data, averaged over one hour time intervals, may contain some missing values only in the Vertical component when the AR reconstruction failed.
Quality control on the header information has been implemented before the final data-archiving following the MATER Quality Control protocol (SISMER, 1997).


Department of Oceanology
PO BOX 2011
tel : +39 40 21401

*STORAGE-MEDIUM : Hard disk.

*AVAILABILITY : OGS, Osservatorio Geofisico Sperimentale, charged as Regional Data Center for the Adriatic/Ionian Basin. Data availability is submitted to the originator permission

*COMPLETED-BY : D. Viezzoli (OGS)

*ENTRY-DATE : 1998-02-20

Available Data Set(s) Measurement Cells Processing Level
O1_A - Current Time Series 38 cells VALIDATED
O1_B - Current Time Series 36 cells VALIDATED
O1_C - Current Time Series 38 cells VALIDATED
O1_D - Current Time Series 29 cells VALIDATED
O1_E - Current Time Series 38 cells VALIDATED
O2_A - Current Time Series 40 cells VALIDATED
O2_B - Current Time Series 32 cells VALIDATED
O2_C - Current Time Series 34 cells VALIDATED
O2_D - Current Time Series 26 cells VALIDATED
O2_E - Current Time Series 34 cells VALIDATED
O3_A - Current Time Series 16 cells VALIDATED
O3_B - Current Time Series 11 cells VALIDATED
O3_C - Current Time Series 12 cells VALIDATED
O3_D - Current Time Series 6 cells VALIDATED
O3_E - Current Time Series 10 cells VALIDATED
O3bis_E - Current Time Series 21 cells VALIDATED
A1B_C - Current Time Series 21 cells VALIDATED
DW3_C - Current Time Series 5 cells VALIDATED

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